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Live Journal Catholics

Credimus in Unam Sanctam Catholicam et Apostolicam Ecclesiam.

LiveJournal Catholics
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Greetings and Welcome to LJ Catholics

This community is intended to be a community of faith and support for all those that are trying to live out the Catholic faith in their daily lives. Come on in, ask questions, answer others questions, share your insights, thoughts, concerns, prayers, favorite writings or saints, and whatever else might be of interest. Thats what we are here for -- to build up and strengthen the Body of Christ. Of course theological discourse and debate will occur ... it is essentially how our theology has been done, in one form or another, for almost 2000 years. However, it needs to be done in a kind and respectful manner. Remember, "... Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence ..." (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Not all Catholics see the world the same. This is a good thing and is one of the many beautiful aspects of Catholicism. The Catholic Church is, after all, 22 distinct Rites with over 1.1 billion members scattered across the world that are all in Full Communion with Rome. While most of us are Roman Catholic in here, there are certainly Catholics from the Eastern Rites as well and this legitimate diversity is a necessity as we strive to come to a better understanding of our God, our Faith and our place and vocation in this world. All that seek to be loyal to our Faith and Tradition are welcome here. We all need the love and support of our sisters and brothers in Christ given the difficulties involved in trying to be faithful to the Gospel in our world. If this appeals to you please come on in and join the congregation. While its certainly not required it would be nice if any newcomers say hi and introduce themselves ... but, once again, this is certainly not required.

Some basic community rules:

If you don't play well with others, this might not be the place for you. There are definitely things that will not be tolerated here:

  • trolls and trolling
  • intentionally provocative and demeaning comments
  • SPAM of any sort including chain letters, online petitions, and the like posts.
  • comments that are disrespectful or intentionally offensive (using a fairly loose definition) toward others.
  • attempts to proselytize
  • any post that would be inappropriate for children, as this is a general-viewership community.
  • If you want to argue against the consistent, clear, and unambiguous teaching of the Church against abortion, please take that to a different community like abortiondebate.
  • If you want to debate whether or not Catholicism is a valid form of Christianity, please go to some place like debate_religion.
  • If you are interested in posting politically motivated rants, please see faithxpolitics.

Failure to comply with these simple rules of conduct will get you removed from this community and you will be banned. Just keep it civil and charitable and everything will be fine. If you take issue with these rules or with actions taken against you, please take the dialog offline and contact adeodatus.

Your moderators are:

adeodatus | iamdigitalis | animetrix

If there are any problems or questions, please contact one of them. We will not be monitoring every discussion and are not responsible for any of the comments made here by others.

This community is also one of several Catholic communities that exist on LiveJournal so let me quickly mention who some of the others are:

all saints day, anamnesis, anaphoras, annunciation, antioch, apostolic, apostolic tradition, ash wednesday, assumption, athanasius, baptism, benediction, bible, bishops, blessed sacrament, blessed virgin mary, body of christ, byzantine catholic, byzantine catholics, byzantium, cardinals, catechism, catechumen, catechumenate, catholic, catholicism, catholics, christ, christian, christianity, church, church history, communion, confession, confirmation, consecration, constantinople, contemplation, creed, deification, desert fathers, didache, divine liturgy, divinization, easter, eastern catholic, ecclesiology, ecumenism, ephesus, epiclesis, epistemology, eschatology, eucharist, eucharistic prayer, extreme unction, faith, fellowship, gaudium et spes, god, good friday, gospels, grace, hagiography, high mass, hippolytus, holy spirit, icon, iconography, immaculate conception, incarnation, inclusion, infallibility, irenaeus, jesus, jesus christ, justin martyr, lamb of god, last rites, last things, latin, lectio divina, lent, liturgy, lumen gentium, magisterium, marriage, mass, missale romanum, moderation, monasticism, mozarabic, new testament, novus ordo, ordo, origen, orthodox, orthodoxy, papacy, passover, patristics, peace, penance, pentecost, pesach, pneumatology, pope, pope john paul ii, pope john xxiii, prayer, protestantism, purgatory, real presence, reconciliation, religion, reverence, rite, rites, roman catholic, roman catholicism, roman catholics, rome, rosary, sacraments, sacred, saints, scapular, scripture, social justice, sophia, spirituality, st. anselm, st. benedict, st. ignatius, st. peter, support, theology, theotokos, tolerance, tradition, tridentine, triduum, trinity, truth, vatican, vatican ii, virgin birth, virgin mary, worship